Taghrib News Agency (TNA) 20 Jun 2022 - 16:29 http://www.taghribnews.com/en/news/554176/iran-bears-heaviest-burden-as-supporter-of-refugees-in-region-diplomat-says -------------------------------------------------- Title : Iran bears heaviest burden as supporter of refugees in region, diplomat says -------------------------------------------------- The Special Representative of the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran for Afghanistan Affairs Hassan Kazemi Qomi called Iran the country carrying the heaviest burden of refugees among the regional countries. Text : Today, June 20, coincides with "World Refugee Day" is a day to honor the millions of people, including millions of Afghan citizens, who have not had a good day because of decades of war, suffering, poverty, and insecurity caused by the presence of foreign occupiers in their country, and they were forced to leave their homes to escape the miserable conditions orchestrated by Americans and Westerners. In the last four decades, the Islamic Republic of Iran has hosted the largest refugee community in the world, especially Afghan citizens, and even during the imposed war and the cruel sanctions of recent decades, it has not refused to provide services to millions of Afghans working, studying and living in Iran. Hassan Kazemi Qomi, Special Representative of the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran for Afghanistan, wrote in a tweet on the occasion of World Refugee Day: "The performance of human rights defenders in accepting Afghan, Syrian and Iraqi refugees and prioritizing Ukrainian refugees is contrary to their claims." Kazemi Qomi added: "Iran, without the support of international organizations, has accommodated hundreds of thousands of new refugees in the recent crisis in Afghanistan and has now covered millions of refugees with its services." With the rise of the Taliban in Afghanistan, a new wave of Afghan nationals flocked to Iran, and the Islamic Republic of Iran, despite economic hardships imposed by harsh sanctions and without international assistance, did not impede their entry and was a worthy host for these migrants.