Taghrib News Agency (TNA) 20 Jan 2022 - 11:57 http://www.taghribnews.com/en/news/535233/raisi-iran-russia-ties-on-path-of-strategic-relations -------------------------------------------------- Title : Raisi: Iran-Russia ties on path of strategic relations -------------------------------------------------- Bilateral cooperation in various areas of infrastructure, especially the North-South Corridor, cooperation in the field of energy and banking, and the surge in trade between the two countries were the main topics of discussion between the Presidents of Iran and Russia. Text : Referring to the influential role of Iran and Russia in the region and the world, the President said, "We have no restrictions on the development of relations with Russia, and the excellent relations between Tehran and Moscow are at the level of strategic relations and will be improved." Ayatollah Raisi described the common understanding of the two countries in regional and international issues as the basis for cooperation and said, "Iran-Russia relations are on the path of strategic relations." Raisi described maximum interaction with neighboring and allied countries as one of the priorities of the foreign policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran and noted, "Strengthening bilateral cooperation between Iran and Russia will boost the economies of the two countries and increase regional and global security." Emphasizing that Iran s cooperation with independent governments is expanding regardless of international developments, the President said that the fight against terrorism and organized drug trafficking are among the pillars of cooperation. He said, "The successful experience of cooperation against terrorism in Syria can also be applied to the Caucasus and Afghanistan." Emphasizing the inviolability of borders in the Caucasus and the national and geopolitical sovereignty of the region, the President stressed the need for cooperation for the economic development of the region, saying, "NATO influence under any kind of cover in the Caucasus and Central Asia threatens the common interests of independent countries." The President said that the only way to reach sustainable stability and security in Afghanistan is to form an all-inclusive government with the cooperation of all groups and ethnicities, addressing his Russian counterpart, "We have stood against America like you since 40 years ago". Raisi called the cooperation between Iran and Russia in the fight against terrorism in Syria a successful experience and emphasized the preservation of Syria s territorial integrity, and said, "The complete sovereignty of the central government overall Syroveralls and international borders is the only way to ensure security in Syria." He said, "The vicious circle of the substituting occupiers with terrorists and vice-versa in Syria must stop." The President described the Astana process as a good framework for a diplomatic solution to the Syrian issue. In this meeting, the two sides emphasized that the world s main problem is getting from spirituality.