Publish date23 Dec 2011 - 9:26
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Iranian Diplomate

Balance in Middle East is in favor of Iran

TNA - Beirut
Lebanese Speaker of the House Nabih Berri met on Tuesday afternoon at Ein Tineh residence with Iranian Ambassador to Lebanon where they tackled the issue of Islamic-Christian Dialogue Conference set to take place soon in Beirut.
Balance in Middle East is in favor of Iran

The Conference convenes from January 12 till 17, 2012, under the patronage of Speaker Berri, with a number of guests from Arab and Islamic countries attending including Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Iran. Berri will deliver a word on the occasion.

On emerging, Ambassador Ghadanfar Roken Abadi said that they discussed the latest developments on the regional and international scenes, as well as bilateral Lebanese-Iranian relations.

In a related context, During a lecture at the Grand Ballroom at the Islamic University on "Iran's role in the regional balance in the Middle East," Abadi said "today we are on the start of a new phase, leading to the disruption of this balance in favor of Iran for the isolation of the American-Zionist in the region, the U.S. withdrawal from Iraq is the last hour of defeating this project in the region."

Iranian ambassador noted that "despite the sanctions imposed by Western European and US, Iran has become self-sufficient country in different areas, and can dispense with any foreign party." He pointed out that "the Zionist- U.S. project have no left card to play in the area but the sectarian strife, and the conspiracy against Syria."
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