Publish date28 Oct 2011 - 11:13
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Ilan Grapelli for 25 Egyptians

Egypt and "Israel" prisoners exchange

TNA - Beirut
Egypt and "Israel" is now preparing an exchange of prisoners between Ilan Grapelli an "Israeli-American" accused of spying and 25 Egyptians detained in "Israel".
Ilan Grapelli
Ilan Grapelli
The exchange is expected Thursday afternoon. The "Israeli" authorities bus will transport the Egyptian prisoners to Taba, a border toSinai, while Ilan Grapelli, will be repatriated to "Israel" by plane from Cairo.

The Egyptian prisoners were jailed for arms trafficking and illegal infiltration in occupied Palestine. Among them are three children who had infiltrated into "Israel," Weizman said Siwan, spokesman for the prison administration. 

They will be together on morning in Beer Sheva prison pending their transfer to Eilat in the south of occupied Palestine. They will then be transported to Taba where they should arrive at 5:00 p.m. (15.00 GMT), said the spokesman.

At the same time, the plane carrying Ilan Grapelli, who was arrested four months ago in Cairo, fly to the Egyptian capital to Ben Gurion airport near Tel Aviv.

The Egyptian prisoners will be entitled to an offficiel welcome in a hotel in Taba which must involve the Governors of North and South Sinai, as well as representatives of the Bedouin community living on the peninsula.

The "Israeli" Supreme Court has rejected the appeals on Wednesday night against the exchange by a party of the extreme right by claiming that it did not intervene in a decision under political power.

Ilan Grapelli, who has dual nationality "Israeli" and American, is a Mossad officer, was seeking to undermine the economic and political interests of the country.

He was accused of coming to Egypt at the beginning of the revolt that caused the downfall of President Hosni Mubarak to incite chaos and sectarian strife.

This exchange of prisoners came after the one that led to the release last week of the soldier "Israeli" Shalit held by Hamas during the "Israeli" attack on Gaza, in exchange for a first contingent of 477 Palestinian prisoners.
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