Publish date10 Dec 2011 - 10:12
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Lebanese Foreign Minister

Arab League without Syria is crippled

TNA - Beirut
Lebanese Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour said that Syria will overcome the current crisis and restore its role to reassume the national and pan-Arab responsibility.
Arab League without Syria is crippled
In an interview with the Syrian TV on Thursday, Mansour said that Lebanon's stance on the AL decision against Syria is based on the deep bilateral relations between the two countries, affirming that it is an irreversible position.

''Lebanon's position on Syria is irreversible due to the unique national, historical, geographical and humanitarian relations binding the two countries, and Syria's security is part of the whole region's.''

Mansour said that the international pressure on Syria is evident as made clear by statements and decisions against the Syrian people, expressing trust that this pressure will not yield results in the long run .

He said that the role of the Arab League without Syria is crippled and ineffective, adding that the AL is called upon to help Syria get out of the crisis.

Mansour ruled out foreign intervention in Syria due to its internal cohesion, voicing trust in Syria's ability to overcome the effect of sanctions.
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