Publish date28 Jun 2022 - 1:00
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Iran slams US numerous cases of human rights violations

On the occasion of the start of American Human Rights Week in the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs tweeted about numerous cases of human rights and international rights violations by the United States.
Iran slams US numerous cases of human rights violations
 "With the assassination of Lt. General Soleimani, the hero of the fight against terrorism, the United States has committed a serious violation of the right to live and the principle of the prohibition of the use of force. All perpetrators of this crime have "criminal responsibility," added the tweet.
 The tweet noted: "The value of Afghanistan's frozen resources in the United States is billions of dollars, including currency, bonds and gold."
With launching the Abu Ghuraib and Guantanamo Bay prisons, the torture and ill-treatment of prisoners, and extrajudicial killings, the United States reinvented human rights abuses and devised new methods of violating human rights.
The piracy of Iran's oil shipments shows the desperation of the United States to continue to impose oil sanctions and break the hegemony of these sanctions.
US sanctions have prevented children and other people with incurable diseases in Iran from exercising their right to health.
The United States claims to protect human rights as dozens of blacks are unjustly killed by police in various states each year.
Americans claim to be human rights advocates; they hit the Iranian passenger plane in the sky. About three hundred uninformed passengers were killed. To the one who committed this crime,  "they also give medals of honor!"
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