Publish date26 Jun 2022 - 21:36
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Fire, explosion in Haifa industrial structures

The media reported a terrible fire in several industrial structures on one of the streets of Haifa and the sound of an explosion was heard in occupied territories.
Fire, explosion in Haifa industrial structures
 According to Arab 48, rescue teams have been trying to extinguish the fire in the industrial logistics structures on Bar Yehuda Street in Haifa since the early hours of this morning.
The sound of several explosions was also heard due to the presence of hazardous and toxic substances in some of the mentioned structures.
The Zionist regime's fire and rescue organization said that its teams have been working for several hours to extinguish the fire and prevent it from spreading to the surrounding areas, especially residential areas.
Officials said the burning structures and tanks were close to residential buildings and that many homes had been evacuated, with no injuries so far.
Rescuers rescued three people from the scene of the fire; extensive and thick smoke covers the area and it is recommended that no one approaches this place.
According to the report, the fire department, in cooperation with the police and the team of the Israeli Ministry of Industry, is trying to find out the cause of the accident.
 Haifa has recently witnessed several types of fires and incidents. On June 15, a fire broke out in the compressor system of one of the refinery units in the occupied port of Haifa, causing a fire in this facility.
The fire was visible from a distance at the facility, and a tall column of thick smoke engulfed the area
The next day, Zionist TV Channel 20 reported the leak of toxic and dangerous substances in one of the facilities of the port of Haifa in occupied Palestine.
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