Publish date23 Jun 2022 - 16:12
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Two people wounded in car bomb in southern Syria

Two people have been injured as car bomb rocks the Syrian city of Daraa on Thursday morning.
Two people wounded in car bomb in southern Syria
Syria's official news agency (SANA) reported early Thursday that the sound of explosions was heard in the city of Daraa.

SANA reported that two people were wounded when a bomb exploded near al-Dala Square in the city of Daraa.

Meanwhile, the Israeli regime's "Yedioth Ahronoth" newspaper claimed that the sound of the explosion heard in northern Israel was related to the explosion of a car belonging to an intelligence element named Mahmoud Halwah. Gunfire was also heard after the explosion.

No further details of the news, the exact identities of the targeted individuals, or the perpetrators behind the blast have not yet been published while the Syrian government officials have also not yet reacted to the incident.

This is while, in recent weeks, Syria has witnessed attacks by the brutal Zionist regime of Israel on targets on its soil. Two weeks ago, Israeli fighter jets from the occupied Golan airspace attacked some locations south of Damascus.

The Syrian government has repeatedly stated that the Zionist regime of Israel and its regional and Western backers support terrorist takfiri groups fighting against the Syrian government, and with such vicious attacks, they intend to disrupt the Damascus government's fight with the terrorists.
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