Publish date27 May 2022 - 12:44
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Iran's Shamkhani underscores establishing strategic Tehran- Moscow cooperation in face of US unilateral policies

Iran's Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) in a meeting with his Russian counterpart underlined the need to establish strategic Tehran-Moscow cooperation in the face of US unilateral policies.
In this meeting, Rear Admiral Shamkhani expressed satisfaction with the high level of consultations between the two countries at various levels and stressed the need to further strengthen cooperation between Iran and Russia in view of new developments in the international arena.
Iran's Secretary of Supreme National Security Council, referring to the extensive Western sanctions against Russia, said: "The Islamic Republic of Iran has been subject to sanctions for 43 years and has become a symbol of the ineffectiveness of sanctions to impose political will on independent countries."
Shamkhani stressed the need to establish strategic Tehran-Moscow cooperation in the face of US unilateral policies, adding: "It seems that sanctions against Russia will not be lifted with the end of the war, and therefore it is necessary to formulate a system to coordinate cooperation between sanctioned countries on a strategic and long-term horizon."
The senior Iranian official considered a fundamental surge in economic interactions and relations between the two sides as one of the most important aspects of relations and an accelerating factor in promoting other aspects of cooperation and said: "Creating a platform for coexistence under sanctions and turning sanctions into an opportunity to strengthen a productive and endogenous economy is essential."
He stressed that the development of cooperation between the SCO member states and the provision of joint financial, banking and tariff mechanisms among the members of this organization is one of the important measures that can prevent the impact of illegal sanctions on economic and trade relations between the countries.
Explaining the West's efforts to make Russia get involved in the Ukraine crisis to reduce its focus in other areas, especially Central Asia, the Caucasus and Syria, Iran's secretary of the Supreme National Security Council highlighted: "Some countries are taking advantage of the Ukraine crisis to pursue expansionist plans in the region and it is the pursuit of their ambitious goals that must be seriously challenged."
Expressing concern over the situation in Afghanistan and the continuation of insecure presence of various terrorist groups in the country, Shamkhani added: "The lack of an inclusive government in this country is one of the main reasons for the continuing instability and insecurity and increasing economic and livelihood pressures on the people."
At the end, Shamkhani announced the closer and planned cooperation of the national security institutions of the two countries to provide the necessary conditions in the field of new economic, trade, financial and security relations, especially in the context of sanctions, and said: "We are ready to continue the meetings of the relevant officials of the two countries in Tehran and Moscow."
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