Publish date24 May 2022 - 21:38
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IHRC stands with Anglican priest accused of anti-Semitism

IHRC condemned the inquisitorial witchhunt against Dr Stephen Sizer, the Anglican priest who appeared before a Church of England disciplinary Tribunal on Monday to answer charges of anti-Semitism.
IHRC stands with Anglican priest accused of anti-Semitism
That the source of the complaint is The Board of Deputies of British Jews, which claims to represent British Jewry but in reality serves as a mouthpiece for the Israeli state, says everything one needs to know about the credibility of the accusations against him.
This is the second time that Dr. Sizer has been hauled before a religious tribunal at the instigation of the Board of Deputies. A previous complaint was resolved by conciliation in 2013.
Dr. Sizer is a renowned expert and critic of Christian Zionism who has written extensively on the issue, supporting Palestinian Christians while his own Anglican Church has chosen to acquiesce in Israeli apartheid and war crimes.
It is a matter of shame that the Church of England is not only failing in its moral duty to oppose apartheid but is actively persecuting those within its own house who do so.
Like many others we find it repulsive that the Church of England is using the stick of anti-Semitism to beat Dr. Sizer for speaking out against Israeli injustices when in fact it should be reflecting on its own role in perpetuating Palestinian suffering.
We stand alongside Dr. Sizer in his hour of need, the statement highlighted.
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