Publish date24 May 2022 - 16:25
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Pres. Raisi says Tehran, Muscat good ties key to boost regional cooperation

The President of Iran Ebrahim Raisi, stating that Iran and Oman were determined to reach significant agreements on many issues, noted: "Good relations between Iran and Oman will increase regional cooperation."
Pres. Raisi says Tehran, Muscat good ties key to boost regional cooperation

Meeting with the Sultan of Oman, Deputy Prime Minister of Oman, businessmen and economic activists and Iranians living in Oman was among the main topics in this trip to Oman.

During the visit, 12 cooperation documents in the fields of energy, politics, transportation, diplomatic cooperation, trade and economic relations, science, environment and sports were signed between the officials of the two countries.
Ebrahim Raisi, upon returning from an official visit to Oman, added: "In Monday's meetings with senior Omani officials, it was emphasized that international cooperation between the two countries is necessary and the positions of the two countries on many issues are remarkably consistent."
Iranian President noted: "In the meeting with economic activists, businessmen of the two countries, they examined their problems in the field of trade, money transfer, financial, banking and customs issues with the presence of the Minister of Trade of Oman so that the barriers will soon be removed to make way for trade and economic tasks".
He added: "Both Omani and Iranian businessmen have little information about the existing capacities in the two countries, and therefore the need to establish an Iranian trade office in Oman was felt and it was also considered that this office be established as soon as possible to introduce the capacities of the two countries to economic actors.".
Raisi stated: "In the meeting with the Iranians living in Oman, they raised legal, cultural and educational problems, and decisions were made on this issue, some of which should be followed in Tehran."
He added: "What is certain is that Iranians living abroad, like Iranians inside, have rights which should be pursued by the government."
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