Publish date21 May 2022 - 22:35
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Official says Iran pursuing supply of Iranian water right from Hirmand River through legal channels

The spokesman of the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Saeed Khatibzadeh said: "We are pursuing the issue of restoring Iran's water right supply from the Hirmand River through legal channels so that the water right supply of this border river is provided by Afghanistan which Iran is deserved for."
Official says Iran pursuing supply of Iranian water right from Hirmand River through legal channels
The official noted that the supply of Iranian water right, which should have been achieved, has not been achieved until today.
The spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said: "There is a good infrastructure on the Dogharoon border that has facilitated the process of transit, exports and imports, and we hope that similar facilities will be provided across the border and in Afghanistan."
Khatibzadeh added: "Appropriate equipment and facilities in the field of providing services to Iranian and Afghan drivers at the Dogharoon border have been predicted, which still needs to be increased."
The senior diplomat elsewhere highlighted that the purpose of visiting the Dogharoon international crossing was to get acquainted with this economic center, and the different parts of the Dogharoon border showed the good neighborliness of the Islamic Republic of Iran with Afghanistan.
Khatibzadeh underscored: "Dogharoon border is one of the most important land borders in the country, which has a significant role in the development of Iran-Afghanistan ties, and the long-standing relations between Iran and Afghanistan show the high interactions between the two countries."
Saturday morning, the spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs heading a delegation paid a visit to the Dogharoon International Crossing on the Iranian-Afghan border.
During his visit to this border crossing, Khatibzadeh visited the construction site of the foreign nationals' camp, Shahid Fakhrizadeh parking lot, the zero point of the Iran-Afghanistan border, Dogharoon border checkpoint, Dogharoon special economic zone and the representative office of the General-Directorate of Bureau for Aliens and Foreign Immigrants Affairs in Taybad.
With a history of 100 years, Dogharoon Customs is one of the top five economic customs in the country, which annually exports more than $ 2 billion worth of goods to Afghanistan through this crossing.

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