Publish date17 May 2022 - 16:20
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World situation has made energy, food security a priority, Iran's Bagheri says

Iran’s deputy foreign minister for political affairs has underscored that the global situation has made energy and food security a priority for many countries more than ever before.
World situation has made energy, food security a priority, Iran
 Bagheri highlighted that today everyone, including European countries, acknowledges the correct approach and vision of Iran over the past decade or two in trying to resolve issues in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria.
The Iranian deputy foreign minister said the costs of the failure of the policies of the United States and some European governments in the region were not only borne by these governments, but it’s the people of those countries who have suffered the greatest costs and damages resulting from the implementation of these wrong policies.
Explaining the principled position of human rights in the foreign policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Bagheri stated: "The dimensions and consequences of meeting the basic needs of the Afghan people, as well as the resulting issues, especially the phenomenon of Afghan refugees, place specific responsibilities on all governments that claim to be protecting human rights, especially the Europeans."
The top diplomat emphasized the Islamic Republic of Iran’s approach to developing relations with European countries, especially Eastern European countries.
The deputy foreign minister said it is necessary to remove obstacles to the development of relations and said next week’s joint economic committee of the two countries will pave the way for expanding bilateral relations.
During this meeting, Ingrid Brocková also emphasized the position of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Slovakia's foreign policy as an important partner for the development of bilateral and regional relations. She called for regular consultations between the foreign ministries of the two countries on bilateral, regional, and international issues, which, she said in addition to expanding bilateral and European trade and economic relations with Iran, could also help strengthen people-to-people relations.
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