Publish date17 Jan 2022 - 20:13
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Iran-Australia SpikoGen COVID vaccine authorized

Iran's Food and Drug Administration authorized the SpikoGen COVID vaccine as a booster dose of all vaccines.
Iran-Australia SpikoGen COVID vaccine authorized
"The vaccine has been proved to be safe with an acceptable degree of tolerability, according to the results of the second phase of clinical trials," she noted.
"As a booster dose, SpikoGen vaccine induced a re-immune response and an increase in the mean concentration of antibodies."
Barati said the first phase of the tests on the SpikoGen vaccine had been carried out in Australia, and the second and third phases began simultaneously in Iran.
The project's scientific director highlighted that the vaccine did not show any severe or specific side effects in the second and third stages of its clinical trial and
could be used as a booster shot.
"Iran has already granted emergency use authorization to PastoCoVac COVID vaccine, produced jointly by Iran's Pasteur Institute and Cuba's Finlay Institute," Barati reiterated.
SpikoGen is a recombinant protein-based COVID-19 vaccine developed by South Australian-based biotech company Vaxine, collaborating with the Iranian company CinnaGen.
The health official stated that the SpikoGen vaccine enjoyed all European standards.
The project's lead researcher Payam Tabarsi for his part pointed out that the vaccine had no age limits for people, either healthy or with any pre-existing diseases.
"The vaccine yet takes time to get WHO's approval, Tabarsi noted.
Regarding the mass production of the vaccine, Khashayar Roshan-Zamir, the other scientific director of the project, said: "For meeting Iran's needs, the vaccine will be mass-produced and sent to the neighboring or other countries."
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