Publish date14 Dec 2021 - 13:18
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Rights council announces:

20 American individuals, entities sanctioned by Iran

Iran's Secretary of Judiciary's Human Rights Council Kazem Gharibabadi has announced that the country imposed sanction against 20 American individuals and entities.
20 American individuals, entities sanctioned by Iran
Deputy Judiciary Chief for International Affairs made the remarks on Monday, saying that the United States imposed sanctions on any subject it could and then it (United States) turned to the issue of imposing sanctions on individuals and legal entities.

This issue includes two categories, one is the ban on traveling to the United States and the other is freezing the property of individuals in that country, he said, adding, “Generally, 100% of those people who are sanctioned by the United States do not travel to this country and do not have any fund there, so that these sanctions are symbolic.”

There is an issue in the law called “retaliation” and Iran has acted based on this issue and has placed some US individuals and legal entities, including those engaged in the field of human rights, on the sanctions list, Gharibabadi emphasized.

In this regard, the Islamic Republic of Iran put more than 20 American individuals and entities on its sanctions list, he added.
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