Publish date21 Oct 2021 - 16:07
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Sheikh Maher Hammoud:

"Muslim rulers dominated by American imperialism"

President of the World Union of Resistance Scholars from Lebanon stressed that the present distance with Islamic unity is due to domination of American imperialism over the rulers, governments and kings in Islamic countries.
"Muslim rulers dominated by American imperialism"
Sheikh Maher Hammoud, in his speech addressing the webinar held on the 35th International Islamic Unity Conference held by Iran's World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought noted that the disunity among Muslims does not stem from weakness of the slogan "Islamic unity" but from domination of imperialism over some Muslim rulers, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
He referred to siege, sanctions and military warfare as the ways Americans resort to in regards to the Islamic countries.
Lebanese cleric slammed the Muslim rulers who ignore their duties to protect Islam and said the only problem with these rulers is that they are completely connected to the American project.
"This ugly face of some rulers of the Islamic world, who have linked themselves to American policies, should not cause despair and hopelessness among us" said Sheikh Maher Hammoud.
Senior Sunni cleric stressed that the disputes among Muslims, created over a span of fourteen centuries, are not settled in a course of a decade or two.
The accumulated differences and disputes among Muslims are mainly due to political issues, political tendencies, foreign conspiracies, and so on.
He said currently, there are no good conditions for jurisprudential dialogue among Muslims and that they should anticipate the right time for these talks to take place.
He enumerated the right positions taken by Muslims regarding support for the Palestinian cause, the need to confront US insurgency and also strengthening the unity of Muslims.
Sheikh Maher Hammoud urged the world Muslims to promote the slogan of Islamic unity and noted, "These slogans and the similar slogans have proved their effectiveness in realization of various victories in Lebanon, Palestine and other countries."
The Global arrogance hires influential traitors in the Islamic Ummah and seeks to exploit the weaknesses of our Ummah to its advantage.
Sheikh Maher Hammoud, president of the World Union of Resistance Scholars expressed his views in regards to necessity of the Islamic solidarity in his speech addressing the third day of the 35th International Islamic Unity Conference.
35th edition of Islamic Unity Conference is underway in the capital Tehran on October 19-24 mainly in virtual meetings of Muslim scholars, intellectuals and thinkers from across the globe. The theme for Islamic Unity Conference 2021 is "Islamic Unity, Peace and Avoidance of Division and Conflict in the World of Islam."
The issue of Palestine and honoring the leading proximity figure, late Ayatollah Mohammad Ali Taskhiri will be discussed in separate webinars in this event.
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