Publish date8 Jun 2013 - 12:36
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Prayer leader of Bojnourd:

“Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) commonality among all Muslims”

A senior Sunni cleric in Northern Khorasan Province called Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) as one of the most important commonalities among all Muslims urging for all out efforts to know his high character and introduce the divine religion of Islam to the whole world.
“Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) commonality among all Muslims”
Haj Allah Yat Akhoond Derakhshan, prayer leader of Hanafiyeh Mosque in Bojnourd, Northern Khoasan Province, in an exclusive interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) said Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) was appointed to complete the ethics urging people to follow the lifestyle of Prophet (PBUH), reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

Akhoond Derakhshan hailed kindness, justice and perseverance of the Prophet of Islam and referred to the efforts of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) to spread unity and fraternity among Muslims.

“It is a recommendation of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) that wherever unity and sympathy spreads among people, blessings and victory will be there.” He said.

The Sunni cleric slammed disrespect to the companions of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and noted,” At present enemies, contrary to many challenges among themselves, are desecrating Islamic sanctities to bring disunity among Muslims.”

He added that enemies are pursuing ways to prevent spread of unity among Muslims because that is preliminary to spread of Islamic Awakening which is a threat to the dictator governments in their countries.

Sunni cleric from Hanafiyeh Mosque in Bojnourd said,” Muslim communities are mandated to protect their unity because that is the way we can satisfy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).”

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