Publish date29 Mar 2022 - 20:55
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Emergence of terrorism in Africa and western manipulation

Associate professor at Colgate University, New York, detailed the origins behind emergence of terrorism in Africa denounced the so-called counter-terror campaign launched by  by foreign countries in Sahel back in 2002 as an entire catastrophe.
Emergence of terrorism in Africa and western manipulation
Jacob Mundy, an associate professor in Peace and Conflict Studies and Middle Eastern, and Islamic Studies programs at Colgate University in Hamilton, New York referred to the origins of terrorism and presence of Daesh in Africa.
He said,” Armed groups in the region claim to be a branch of Daesh making use of the name to reqruit forces or compete with other armed groups to win a share of the markets as a way to provide the financial demands.
He noted that the main reason for people joining terrorist groups like Daesh is extreme poverty. In view of the African governements joiing a movement will inspire the youths who find no future and help them escape the traditions which block their promotion.
American professor also slammed the so-called counter-terrorism campaigns launched by western countries in 2002 (when there has been no terrorism at all) as total catastrophe.
In his view the Pan-Sahel initiative (Trans-Saharran Counter-Terrorism Initiative) proposed by the United States has created and intensified the issue of terrorism, as we have today.
The important outcome of the issue was to exaggerate the threat of few number of rebels in Maghreb since rather than kidnapping the foreigneres, they were not able to carry out a major operation against any government in norhtern Africa.
US interference in Sahar left great impact on tourism industry for the people across Sahara and only two decades after that France confessed that its interference in Mali has not improved the security in the country.
Jacob Mundy stressed that creation and empowerment of Daesh and other terrorist groups in Sahara-Sahel has the background of wesntern interference.
Associate professor of Colgate University referred to a long and dark future for terrorism in Africa. When the European powers found their inability to colonize Africa, as they did to America, they turned the function of African continent to the “victim of region” where you can export wealth without meaningful development for the region.
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