Publish date2 Oct 2021 - 17:20
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Normalization of ties with Israel, huge blow to Palestinian cause

Member of Palestinian Legislative Council denounced normalization of ties with the Israeli regime as a massive blow to Palestinian cause assimilating the rivalry of some Arab states for reconciliation with Tel Aviv regime as a dagger in the back of the Palestinian regime and world of Islam.
Normalization of ties with Israel, huge blow to Palestinian cause
Normalization of relations with Israeli regime euphemized for some regional countries as "peace" and "agreement" is in fact part of the pl;ans for normalization of occupation and securing presence of the colonial, apartheid Israeli regime in the lands whose original owners have been evacuated at gun point thanks to the silence of the international community.
Survival of Israeli regime in western Asia is married to crisis, chaos and destruction of other lands. The visit made by Israeli Foreign Minister to Bahrain on Thursday morning in order to open Israeli embassy and sign cooperation deals with Manama officials is an instance of the moves to secure Israeli presence in the region.
Rizwan al-Akhras member of Palestinian Legislative Council, in an interview with Iran's IQNA news agency slammed those signing the normalization deals with Israeli regime and said the reconciling regimes legalize the crimes committed by Israeli regime by signing the normalization deals, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
He said," The blow to Palestine and the Palestinian cause inflicted by regimes reconciling with Israeli regime is no less than the one by occupiers."
He noted that some countries signing the normalization deals with Israel braved Tel Aviv regime to commit crimes against Palestinian regime, expansion of settlements and promotion of Jusaiziation of Palestinian lands.
According to the Palestinian official those reconciling with Israeli regime in fact normalized the shame of building relations with the occupying regime and its policies in the international arena.
"Israeli regime made the best of the normalization deals signed by some countries to establish and legalize its occupation of the Palestinian lands" he said.
Rizwan al-Akhras noted that the normalization of ties between Israeli regime and countries like Jordan and Egypt has not been beneficial for either of the Arab states and that the only benefactor of the deal was Tel Aviv regime with its occupying policies.
He concluded that the only outcome of normalization has been dissatisfaction of the people in countries signing deal with Israel adding that the new signatories will not benefit the deal all the same.
Palestinian member of the Legislative Council made the comments in the wake of the recent visit made by Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid to Manama in a bid to open Israeli embassy in the Arab country and sign cooperation deal with the officials in Bahrain.
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