Publish date8 Sep 2021 - 12:29
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"Holy Qur'an stresses respect for sanctity of all religions", cleric

Iranian seminary professor called on followers of Islamic denominations to maintain utmost respect for sanctities of all denominations.
"Holy Qur
Hujjat-ul-Islam Seyyed Taha Mousavi Hashtroudi, professor of Qom Seminary, in an interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA) related on importance of respect for sanctities of all Islamic denominations based on logics.
He said," Logically speaking we should maintain utmost care and vigilance so that it ends in unity and honor for the Islamic nation."
He warned of hostility of Zionist enemies and arrogant powers and called for extreme care for different denominations so that the enemies cannot desecrate Islam, a logical issue recommended by holy Qur'an.
Although it is clear in all Islamic societies that all Islamic sanctities are found in "Allah" and "holy Qur'an" and based on that all denominations, ethnicities and schools of thought refer to "holy Qur'an" and "monotheism."
The cleric quoted the holy book of Islam in recommending the Muslims not to disrespect or curse sanctities of other denominations as prerequisite for mutual respect.
"When Muslims respect sanctities and beliefs of other religions, even if they are in vain, they will respect Muslims and Islamic beliefs in return" noted the cleric in conclusion to his remarks.
Born in 1964, Hujjat-ul-Islam Seyyed Taha Mousavi Hashtroudi is professor of university and seminary in Qom and Tehran. He has served as preacher and has written several books and articles on religious issues.
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